My Aadhaar – Every update on Aadhaar!

My Aadhaar - Every update on Aadhaar!

Aadhaar card update or correction

Learn how to update or correct your Aadhaar card’s data in 3 different ways.

The largest biometric identification system in the world, outside of India, is called Aadhaar. It serves as both an address proof and an ID proof for the billions of Indians it covers. Your Aadhaar card is one of the crucial KYC documents, whether you’re looking for a new cell connection, a driving licence, creating a bank account or any other service. It must always have correct and up-to-date information associated to it.

The statutory organisation UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), which is in charge of creating and maintaining Aadhaar, makes it simple for cardholders to update their biometric and demographic information. You may find detailed instructions on how to update or change data associated with your Aadhaar card in this guide.

When and why do you need to go for aadhaar updates or correction?

Your demographics can vary in a variety of ways, such as when you move residences, get a new phone number, etc. In these situations, you must update your Aadhaar card with the modification in order for it to include correct and current information about you.

The following are some of the most typical situations where you must get an Aadhaar update:

  • Changes to contact information, including email address, mobile number, or home address
  • Change in name—for a variety of causes, including marriage, etc.
  • mistakes made by the enrolling operator, such as misspelt words, inaccurate information, etc.
  • a shift in gender
  • Your biometric information has changed because of an incident or sickness
  • Adaptation to your native tongue
  • updating children’s biometric records between the ages of 5 and 15
  • Several failed authentication attempts
  • The UIDAI has requested the provision of additional documentation.

What are the details that can be updated or corrected in aadhaar card?

The following information may be updated or changed according to UIDAI:

  • Name, cell number, email, date of birth, gender, marital status, and information sharing authorization
  • Biometric Information Fingerprints, Iris, and Faceshot

How to update or correct the details in aadhaar card?

There are three ways to modify or update an Aadhaar card, according to UIDAI. As follows:

  • Online via the UIDAI website
  •  Offline by mail Offline at an Aadhaar enrolment centre

*Note that while updating or correcting biometric data is only possible by going to an Aadhaar enrolment centre, updating or changing demographic data such as mobile number, address, email address, name, and gender can be done using any of the three methods.

1. Using the online portal to correct or update Aadhaar data

Have you lately relocated to a new home? Using the web portal, changing your address is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. To assist you, the following is a step-by-step instruction manual:

  • Go to, the UIDAI’s official website.
  • Toggle to “My Aadhaar” Online address change for your Aadhaar.

Keep in mind that you must have your mobile number linked with your card in order to make online modifications to your Aadhaar data. You cannot make any changes online if your cell number is not linked to your card; instead, you must finish the enrollment process in person at a nearby physical enrolment site.

2. Online Address Change with Legal Documents

If you have legitimate documentation, you can quickly update your address online.

Some of the acceptable documentation for changing your address are listed below:

  • bank statement or passbook
  • Postal receipt book
  • Driving licence, voter identification and government-issued photo identification
  • telephone, water, and electricity bills

You can refer to UIDAI’s Annexure I for a complete list of acceptable documents.

Detailed instructions on how to change your address with documentation from a legal document.

  • After completing the following procedures, select Generate OTP, and then input the OTP that was provided to your mobile device.
  • Click the Address Update box after entering the captcha code.
  • Fill out all the relevant fields in both your native tongue and English. Make sure everything is correct before submitting it since the revised Aadhaar will be sent to the address you provided.
  • Make sure to choose the appropriate C/o box and type the person’s name if you want to include the name of a parent, spouse, or guardian in the address. However, take notice that you are not need to provide the C/o information while entering your address on the Aadhaar card.
  • You can click on the submit request button once all the forms have been completed and the correct information has been entered. Keep track of the URN (Unique Reference Number) generated for reference in the future.

3. Updating or correcting Aadhaar data by going to a Permanent Enrolment Centre

The second way to update the Aadhaar card’s biometric and demographic information is to go to the one that is closest to you. By selecting My Aadhaar Update your Aadhaar Update Aadhaar at Enrolment/Update Centre, you can find an enrolment centre close to you. Using your pin code, state, or centre, you can look for an enrolment centre.

During your visit to the enrollment centre, bear the following in mind:

  • No appointment is necessary in advance. You can drop by the centre whenever it’s convenient for you during business hours.
  • It is not essential to go to a local enrollment centre. You are welcome to visit any centre at your convenience.
  • Depending on the information you want to update or amend, make sure you carry original copies of the necessary documents. The list of official documents is available here.
  • The operator of the enrollment centre confirms your information, examines your supporting documentation, and then enters the updated information into the programme.
  • You will receive a URN once the procedure is finished, which you may use to check on the update’s progress.

4. Post-based Aadhaar Data Updates/Correction

You can also seek an update to your Aadhaar information by mailing a letter to UIDAI. The involved actions are:

  • By clicking here, you can download the Aadhaar enrollment, update, or correction form.
  • Only enter the information that needs to be updated or changed.
  • Include copies of the necessary paperwork.
  • Additionally, mail the paperwork to one of the following addresses:

One UIDAI address: Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, India 480001 Post Box No.

Address 2 for UIDAI: Hyderabad, India — Post Box No.99, Banjara Hills — 500034


Ans: Yes, you can update certain details of your Aadhaar card online. However, for address updates, you need to visit the nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra or Aadhaar Enrolment Centre. Online updates may be available for minor name changes or edits. Please check with your local Aadhaar Seva Kendra for more information.

Ans: The government recommends updating Aadhaar card information every ten years to prevent Aadhaar fraud. It is now mandatory to keep Aadhaar card details up to date. If your Aadhaar card was issued over ten years ago and hasn’t been updated, it is advised to do so as soon as possible.

 Ans: According to the regulations of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Aadhaar can be updated twice by the user.

Ans: No, the mAadhaar app does not provide the option to change demographic information such as name, date of birth, or mobile number. However, having a registered mobile number linked to Aadhaar is essential for accessing various services like ordering a new Aadhaar, finding an enrolment centre, verifying your Aadhaar, scanning QR codes, and more.

See this post for details on how to download the new Aadhar card form in PDF format. It can be used for new registration of Aadhar card. Thank you very much!

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