My Aadhaar – Every update on Aadhaar!

My Aadhaar - Every update on Aadhaar!

Aadhaar Form

Every Indian citizen receives an Aadhaar number , A 12-digit unique identity number, from the UIDAI on behalf of the Indian government. It serves as a single form of identification and logs a person’s personal data in a government database. It is not intended to replace other documents, like a PAN, Passport, driver’s licence , etc.

Aadhaar card form details

You can apply for an Aadhaar card with the use of the Aadhaar Enrolment Form. If you do not currently own an Aadhaar card, you can fill out this form in person at the local Aadhaar centre or you can download it for free from the UIDAI’s (Unique Identification Authority of India) official website. The information included in an Aadhaar form is as follows:

  • Full Name Pre-Enrollment ID NPR Receipt/TIN Number
  • Gender, Age, Address, and Parental/Guardian Information (Only for Children Under 5 Years Old)
  • Details of submitted documents 
  • Thumbprint and Signature of the Applicant

How to fill aadhaar form

Here are some of the most crucial details you should remember when filling out the Aadhaar enrolment form:

  • Names first, middle, and last should all be entered.The name you provide here must correspond to the name on your identification document.
  • You must indicate your gender in the form, either as male, female, or transgender.
  • Age and Birthdate: Enter your birthdate using the format DD/MM/YYYY (date-month-year). You can enter an estimated age in this section if you are unsure of the person’s precise birthdate. Mark the ‘Declared’ box if there is no documentation proving your date of birth. Check the ‘Verified’ option if you can provide supporting documentation.
  • Your postal address must be typed into the form precisely as it appears on the address proof.You must keep in mind that the delivery address you enter here will be used to deliver the card. Include your email address and phone number in the same field as well.
  • Information about Family Members: In this box, you can provide the names and Aadhaar numbers of your family members. Here, the family member can be your husband, wife, father, or mother. Children under the age of five must submit the names and contact information of their parents or guardians.
  • Consent: Make sure you check the box indicating that you give UIDAI permission to share your information, including biometric data for Aadhaar generation and authentication. in the form with specific organisations that provide public/welfare services.
  • Documents Attached: Based on the documents you, your introducer, or the HoF provided, the information in the form can be confirmed. Check the appropriate item for your particular application. You must also list the identification and address verification documents that you are including with the form. If they apply to you, evidence of relationship and proof of birthdate can be listed. The documents can be retrieved from their file for verification if you have given the details of the introducer/HoF.
  • Signature: To demonstrate your agreement, sign the paper in the space provided on the form. Instead of signing your name, you might alternatively decide to leave your thumbprint.

Aadhaar correction form

You must submit a completed Aadhaar card correction form if you want to make any changes to your Aadhaar. When requesting information correction, you must first fill out the following information on the Aadhaar Card correction form:

  • Pre-enrolment identification number
  • The applicant’s name
  • Male, female, and transgender
  • Age and birthdate (DoB)
  • full residence address, previously provided email address, and registered phone number
  • information on the guardian, mother, father, wife, and spouse.When the applicant is a kid under the age of five, information regarding the applicant’s father, mother, and guardian must be provided.
  • Information about the supporting documents, including identification, residence, and date of birth
  • If necessary, information on the introducer or HUF (Hindu United family)
  • The applicant’s thumbprint or signature

The locations where Aadhaar corrections can be corrected are listed below:

  • Name and gender of the inhabitant (Male, Female, or Transgender)
  • Information listed as C/O, D/O, S/O, W/O, or HO
  • Residence address Information about a landmark
  • Name of the community, region, or industry
  • State, city, district, town, or village name
  • Post Office Pin Code Contact Information
  • Email address

Important points about aadhaar card correction form

The following are some tips to keep in mind when completing the Aadhaar Correction Form:

  • Throughout the form, capitalise every word.
  • Make sure to include your phone number because it is a required field.
  • Send the correction form by mail if you chose to complete the form offline.
  • Choose the same language selection that you did when you enrolled, either English or the local language.
  • Do not update the form with outdated or invalid information, only the most recent details.
  • Mention everyone’s full name, including the salutations Mr., Mrs., Dr., Col., etc.
  • Always include the full address.
  • Please provide your full name after the signatures or thumbprints.
  • Attach documents with care as evidence of each correction done.


Ans: Any Aadhaar facilitation centre can be used to submit a UIDAI application. You must complete the enrollment form when you visit the Aadhaar enrolment centre. Additionally, the enrollment form is accessible online at. You can also print out the form and complete it at the centre. To finish the procedure, submit the enrollment form with any necessary supporting documentation and get your acknowledgement slip.

Ans: Yes, it is possible to modify or amend your Aadhaar card information if the need arises. To request changes, you need to use the Aadhaar card correction form or update the information online through the UIDAI portal.

Ans: You can generally update or correct various details on your Aadhaar card, including your address, name, date of birth, gender, mobile number, and email address. These modifications can be made to ensure that your Aadhaar card reflects accurate and up-to-date information.

See this post for details on how to download the new Aadhar card form in PDF format. It can be used for new registration of Aadhar card. Thank you very much!

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