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Your Friendly Aadhaar Helper!-New AI Chat Bot

Introducing Aadhaar Mitra: Your Friendly Aadhaar Helper!-New AI Chat Bot

Hey there! Have you heard about Aadhaar Mitra? 

It’s like a helpful buddy that can assist you with all the things related to your Aadhaar card. Whether you have questions, need to check/search something, or want to make updates, Aadhaar Mitra has got you back, and it’s available 24/7 for free!

“The organization is facilitating ease of living, and is further committed to strengthen its Grievance Redressal Mechanism. UIDAI is gradually rolling out advanced and futuristic Open-Source CRM solution. The new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution has been designed with advanced features to enhance UIDAI service delivery to residents,” the ministry added.

So, what can you do with Aadhaar Mitra? Well, you can do a bunch of things like:

  • Get Quick Answers: Have a question about Aadhaar? Just type it in, and Aadhaar Mitra will give you the answers right away. It’s like having a smart friend who knows everything about Aadhaar!
  • Check Your PVC Card Status: Waiting for your Aadhaar PVC card? You can now easily track its status using Aadhaar Mitra. No more guessing when it’ll arrive!
  • Submit Grievances: If you have any issues or complaints, you can register them through Aadhaar Mitra. It’s a convenient way to let them know what’s on your mind.

And guess what? Aadhaar Mitra is super easy to use! Here’s how:

  • Visit the UIDAI Website:
  • Just go to the UIDAI website.
  • Click on ‘Ask Aadhaar’: 
  • You’ll see a little icon at the bottom left corner of the homepage. Click on it.
  • Start Chatting:
  •  Once you click, you’ll be prompted to start chatting. Type in your questions or choose from the services listed.
  • Send Your Query: 
  • Hit the “Send” button, and voila! You’ll get your answers in no time.

Aadhaar Mitra is like your friendly guide through the world of Aadhaar. It’s there to make your life easier and ensure you have a smooth experience with your Aadhaar card.

So, next time you have a question or need assistance with Aadhaar, don’t hesitate to chat with Aadhaar Mitra. It’s always ready to help!

Questions you can ask on Aadhaar Mitra

  • Where to enroll?
  • How to update?
  • How to download Aadhaar?
  • What is Offline ekyc?
  • What is Best finger?


Ques. Where can I find Aadhaar Mitra?
Ans. Aadhaar Mitra is available on the official UIDAI website ( You’ll see a blue icon labeled ‘Ask Aadhaar’ at the bottom left corner of the homepage. Just click on it to start chatting.

Ques. What can I ask Aadhaar Mitra?
Ans. You can ask Aadhaar Mitra anything related to Aadhaar cards and its features. Whether you want to know about enrollment, updates, downloading Aadhaar, offline ekyc, or best finger, Aadhaar Mitra has the answers.

Ques. How do I use Aadhaar Mitra?
Ans. Using Aadhaar Mitra is easy! Simply visit the UIDAI website, click on ‘Ask Aadhaar’, start chatting, type in your questions or choose from the services listed, and hit the “Send” button. You’ll get your answers instantly.

Ques. Can I track my Aadhaar PVC card status with Aadhaar Mitra?
Ans. Absolutely! Aadhaar Mitra allows you to track the status of your Aadhaar PVC card. Just ask, and it’ll provide you with the latest updates.

Ques. What if I have a grievance or complaint?
Ans. No worries! You can use Aadhaar Mitra to register your grievances or complaints. It’s a quick and convenient way to let UIDAI know about any issues you’re facing.

Ques. Is Aadhaar Mitra available in multiple languages?
Ans. Yes, Aadhaar Mitra is available in both Hindi and English, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Ques.How often is Aadhaar Mitra updated?
Ans. Aadhaar Mitra is regularly trained on the latest developments and features of Aadhaar to ensure that it provides accurate and up-to-date information to users.

Ques. Is Aadhaar Mitra available 24/7?
Ans. Yes, Aadhaar Mitra is available round the clock, so you can access it anytime you need assistance with your Aadhaar card.

These are just a few common questions about Aadhaar Mitra. If you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to chat with Aadhaar Mitra for quick and reliable answers!

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