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My Aadhaar - Every update on Aadhaar!
"Mumbai Airport Adopts QR Code-Aadhaar Tags for 20 Stray Dogs"

“Mumbai Airport Adopts QR Code-Aadhaar Tags for 20 Stray Dogs”

In a heartwarming initiative ,a group of 20 stray dogs near Mumbai airport received their identification cards on Saturday morning. The ‘Aadhaar’ cards are attached to their collars with a QR code, allowing anyone who scans it to access the dog’s details, including name, contact of the feeder, vaccination records, sterilization information, and essential medical data in case the dog gets lost.

The identity card garlanding was a lively affair, filled with excitement, as the team animatedly tagged the 20 stray dogs. While a familiar feeder managed to charm them, the canines remained cautious of others approaching. After some effort, the team successfully tagged all 20 dogs. Additionally, the BMC used the occasion to immunize the canines outside Terminal 1 of Sahar’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

“Akshay Ridlan Introduces ‘Paw friend’ QR Code Tags for Stray Dogs, Facilitating Reunions and BMC Database”

Akshay Ridlan, an engineer from Sion, shared that they began the process around 8:30 am, diligently placing the QR code tags on the dogs and vaccinating them. He devised the unique identification tags through the initiative called ‘’ These tags can be invaluable in reuniting lost or relocated pets with their families. Additionally, they will assist the BMC in maintaining a centralized database of stray dogs in the city.

 “Bandra Resident Sonia Shelar Leads Initiative to Feed and Vaccinate 300 Stray Dogs Daily, Including Airport Area Canines”

Bandra resident Sonia Shelar devotes her time to feeding 300 stray dogs daily, including those near the airport. During the initiative, her role was to bring the dogs close, while a BMC veterinarian administered the vaccines and a member from attached the identification tags. The team included dog-catchers from Yoda, BMC vets, and airport officials, working together to accomplish the task.

“BMC’s Veterinary Health Services Initiates Vaccination, Health Check, and Sterilization Drive for Airport Dogs; Tests QR Code Tagging for Future Use”

According to Dr. Kalim Pathan, the head of BMC’s veterinary health services, the dogs were not only vaccinated but also received a basic health check. He mentioned that all the dogs caught during the process were sterilized as well. The QR code tagging for dogs outside the airport is a pilot project, and they will assess its success to explore its potential for future implementation.

In a remarkable initiative, Akshay Ridlan, a dedicated engineer from Sion, has taken a significant step towards enhancing the welfare of stray dogs in the city. By creating and implementing the innovative ‘Pawfriend’ QR code tags, he has provided a lifeline for lost or relocated pets and their families, making the process of reuniting them far more efficient. Additionally, this commendable effort will also aid the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in establishing a centralized database of stray dogs, which can have a profound impact on their management and welfare.

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