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Track Your Aadhaar: A Guide to Check Enrollment Status

Checking your Aadhaar enrollment Status is an important step to receive your Aadhaar card in time. Whether you’ve lately applied for Aadhaar or are awaiting its appearance, this companion will walk you through the step- by- step process to corroborate your registration status. Understanding how to track the progress of your operation empowers you with information and allows you to address any implicit issues beforehand. Through this companion, you will learn how to efficiently use both online and SMS styles to check your Aadhaar status. Stay informed and take control of your Aadhaar registration process with confidence.

Importance of Aadhaar Enrollment Status

Understanding the status of your Aadhaar enrollment holds significant importance for various reasons. Firstly, it serves as a means to monitor the advancement of your application. This ensures that you stay informed about the stage your Aadhaar generation process is at, providing peace of mind. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in timely delivery of your Aadhaar card. By keeping tabs on the status, you can anticipate when to expect your card, making it convenient for planning and usage.

Additionally, being aware of your enrollment status allows you to proactively address any potential issues or discrepancies that may arise during the process. Early identification of such matters empowers you to take corrective measures promptly. This could involve rectifying inaccuracies in your provided information or seeking assistance from relevant authorities if needed. In essence, staying updated with your Aadhaar enrollment status not only streamlines the process but also ensures accuracy and efficiency in obtaining this essential identification document. It is a proactive approach that contributes to a seamless experience in availing the benefits of Aadhaar.

Checking Aadhaar Status Online:

  1. Visit the UIDAI Official Website : Begin the process by navigating to the designated UIDAI website: . Once there,go to the homepage in search of the prominently displayed ‘Check Aadhaar Status’ option. Click on this option to start the procedure. This  step ensures that you’re on the right track towards verifying your Aadhaar Enrollment Status. 
  1. Enter Your Enrolment ID: After that you will have to enter the date and time of your enrollment and your 14-digit Enrollment ID (EID). These essential details can be found on the acknowledgment paper you were given during the enrollment process. By entering the EID, as well as the correct day and time, you ensure that the application can identify and validate your enrollment status. This step ensures the accuracy and integrity of the data connected with your Aadhaar application. 
  2. Enter the Security Code: To verify your identity enter the security code shown on the screen. This code validates the security and accuracy of your data. By carefully entering the code, you are taking a critical step toward protecting your Aadhaar enrollment status. It’s a simple but critical step that adds an extra degree of security to your sensitive data. 
  1. Check Aadhaar Status: Simply click on the’ Check Status’ button to check the current status of your Aadhaar registration. You’ll be informed whether your Aadhaar has formerly been generated, is presently in the processing stage, or if there are any specific issues that bear attention.  By following this process, you receive precious perceptivity into the progress of your operation, allowing you to plan ahead and make necessary arrangements consequently. Rest assured, this system is designed with your convenience and peace of mind in mind.

Checking Aadhaar Status via SMS:

  1. Compose a New Message: Open the messaging app on your mobile and initiate a new message. This step is pivotal for transferring the necessary information to interrogate about your Aadhaar registration status. By following this instruction, you are setting the stage for a flawless process to admit the updates you need. Whether you are using a smartphone or a feature phone, this step remains harmonious, making it accessible to a wide range of users. So, take a moment to open your messaging app and begin the process of checking your Aadhaar registration status with ease and effectiveness.
  1. Type UID STATUS <14-digit EID>: In the body of the message, input the command “UID STATUS” followed by your unique 14-digit Enrolment ID (EID). This specific format is essential for the system to accurately process your request and provide you with the current status of your Aadhaar enrolment. By following this step, you’re ensuring that the information you receive is tailored to your application, allowing for precise and timely updates. This command serves as the key to unlocking the details you need about your Aadhaar status.
  1. Send the Message: Send a message to the official UIDAI number 51969 with the specified command and your 14-digit Enrolment ID (EID). By sending the message to the official number, you complete the final step in checking your Aadhaar enrolment status via SMS. This way allows you to easily obtain the information you require, all from the comfort of your mobile device.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting:

  1. Invalid Enrolment ID: Double-check the digits to ensure they match the information provided on your acknowledgment slip. It’s possible that a small error in inputting the EID could lead to this message. Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of the EID, attempt the process again. This proactive approach ensures that you’re providing the correct information for verification. By taking this extra step, you’re increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome in checking your Aadhaar enrolment status. Remember, attention to detail in entering the EID is key to a seamless experience.
  1. No Response from SMS Service: Confirm that your device has an active network connection and consider resending the message. This step is crucial in ensuring that the message reaches its intended destination and is processed accurately. Sometimes, network fluctuations or disruptions may hinder the delivery of the message. By verifying your connectivity and making a second attempt, you increase the likelihood of a successful response. This proactive approach helps to address any potential issues related to network stability. Rest assured, a stable network connection is essential for a seamless experience in checking your Aadhaar enrolment status via SMS. So, take a moment to check your network and try resending the message for a smoother process.
  1. Technical Errors on Website: However, it’s advisable to keep holding on for a while and also try again to resolve the matter, If you face any technical difficulties while utilizing the website. Technical effects can sometimes rise due to various factors, and they’re frequently temporary in nature. Alternatively, swapping to a nonidentical browser can occasionally give a smoother browsing experience. 

Understanding Aadhaar Generation Process:

The process of Aadhaar generation is a meticulous series of steps designed to guarantee both accuracy and security.  It encompasses the collection and validation of demographic and biometric data, culminating in the generation of a unique Aadhaar number. Alongside this, biometric data, comprising fingerprints and iris scans, is collected. These biometric markers are instrumental in ensuring the uniqueness and authenticity of each Aadhaar.

Following data collection, a rigorous validation process ensues. This stage involves cross-referencing the provided information with existing records to confirm accuracy and eliminate any discrepancies. This stringent verification process serves as a crucial safeguard, preventing erroneous or duplicate entries.

Once the demographic and biometric data have undergone thorough validation, the system proceeds to generate a unique 12-digit Aadhaar number. This number is the key identifier for the individual and holds paramount importance in various official transactions and verifications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques: Can I check my Aadhaar status without the Enrolment ID?

Ans: No, the Enrolment ID is essential for checking Aadhaar status.

Ques: How long does it take to generate an Aadhaar after enrolment?

Ans: Aadhaar generation typically takes 90 days from the date of enrolment.

Ques: What should I do if my Aadhaar status shows “Rejected”?

Ans: If rejected, re-enrolment may be necessary. Contact the enrollment center for guidance.

Ques: Can I check Aadhaar status for multiple enrolment attempts?

Ans: Yes, you can check the status for each enrollment attempt separately.

Ques: Is there a fee for checking Aadhaar enrolment status?

Ans: No, checking Aadhaar status is a free service provided by UIDAI.


Verifying your Aadhaar enrolment status is pivotal to timely receipt of your Aadhaar card. Whether utilizing the official website or the SMS service, both avenues offer convenient means to monitor your application’s progress. By staying informed and taking a proactive approach, you actively participate in the management of your Aadhaar enrolment. This empowers you with the knowledge needed to anticipate and address any potential issues swiftly. Remember, being engaged in the process ensures a seamless experience and timely delivery of your Aadhaar card. So, embrace this step as a means of taking control and ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of your Aadhaar enrolment process. Your diligence in this regard is key to enjoying the benefits of Aadhaar in various official transactions and services.

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